Our Products

Barite (BaS04) Products

We are committed to providing our customers with high quality products and distinguished service with our worldwide known barite deposits, state of the art processing methods and excellent expertise that adds value towards our customers in wide range of industries.

Through the use of cumulative technical improvement and strategically located manufacturing/shipping point, the company has enlarged its product range in barite production which is used in various industries with highest quality, sustainable excellent service and on time delivery.

Micronized Barite

Our plant is capable of meeting the domestic and international customer demands for finished micronized barite product of any particular size, package and white/off-color.

Our micronized barite product features

High Purity and Density, Excellent Brightness, Fine Particular Size, Low Oil Absorption, Outstanding Chemical and X-Ray Resistance, and  Low Solubility, Chemical Inertness.

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Areas of Application of our Micronized Barite Products (BaSO4)

Paint & Coating (Decorative Paint, Industrial Paint, Powder Coating, Road Marking, Marine) Automotive Refinishing, Plastic Compound, Rubber Compound, Flooring, General Chemical Industry, Sound Insulation in Automotive & Construction, Friction (Brake Disc Pads, Brake Linings)

Drilling Grade Barite

Başer Mining is one of the leading industrial grade barite producers and exporters of Turkey.
Our company has been also producing and exporting barite that meets the API/OCMA standards for the oil and gas drilling industry since the year 1980, and exports its barites for drilling to supply to the leading oil and gas service companies in the world.

Aggregate Barite

The aggregate products, one of our finished product categories and that are supplied especially to the construction sector, are also produced in the enrichment system.